My PhD dissertation: Table of contents & full pdf

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The goal of my PhD was to explore cutting-edge methods from the field of data science and utilize them to conduct innovative behavioral research. Throughout this journey, my colleagues and I additionally spent much time on developing software and applications for users in the scientific community.

While there were too many projects to describe in this blog post, I hope that any reader finds at least one chapter that tickles their interest.

Maybe you are interested in different machine learning algorithms and the myriad of cool things one can do with them (see chapters 2-4). Maybe you want to know what computer vision or natural language processing has to offer to people working in behavioral research or applied settings (see chapters 5-9). Or maybe you want to learn more about video game tournaments or stand-up comedy (see chapters 10 & 11). Whatever it may be, you can download the full pdf here: Computational methods in the behavioral sciences